Crider's Cabins on the Frio River - Frequently Asked Questions

Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE : There is a minimum 3 night stay policy

We are not providing pillows or coverlets so you must bring those as well.

We are only allowing 2 guests over the max capacity and each guest is $35/person per day.
Extra vehicles are $25/day per vehicle no more than 2 extra vehicles per cabin.
Absolutely no day guests allowed. 

  • Which cabins are two bedroom and which are 3 bedrooms
    Cabins 1-9 have two bedrooms and 1 bathroom
    Cabins 10-14 have 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms
    Cabin 15 has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms
  • How many people (this includes children) can stay in a cabin
    Cabins 1-9 – Max is 8
    Cabins 10-14 – Max is 10
    Cabin 15 – Max is 15
  • How many vehicles can park at a cabin
    Cabins 1-9 – 2 Vehicles allowed
    Cabins 10-14 – 3 Vehicles allowed
    Cabin 15 – 4 Vehicles allowed
    Pearly Creek – 2 Vehicles allowed
    Buffalo Vreek – 2 Vehicles allowed
    RV Spots – 2 Vehicles allowed
    **Extra Vehicles $25/day
  • What is the bedding configuration for each cabin
    Cabins 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6
    • 2 Queens
    • 4 Twins
    Cabin 3
    • 4 Queens
    • 1 Twin
    Cabin 7
    • 4 queens
    Cabin 8
    • 1 King
    • 1 Queen
    • 4 Twins
    Cabin 9
    • 1 King
    • 2 Queens
    • 3 Twins
    Cabins 10-14
    • 2 Queens
    • 4 Twins
    • 1 Queen sleeper
      (not recommended for adults)
    Cabin 15
    • 1 King
    • 1 Queen
    • 2 Fulls
    • 9 Twins
    Pearly & Buffalo Creek
    • 2 Queens
    • 4 Twins
  • What is the Linen Fee (only required if you do not provide your own linens)
    Cabins 1-9 : $95.00 , Sheets for each bed & a towel for each person
    Cabins 10-14 : $115.00 , Sheets for each bed & a towel for each person
    Cabin 15 : $160.00 , Sheets for each bed & a towel for each person
    Creek Cabins : $115.00 , Sheets for each bed & a towel for each person
  • What is the Payment Policy
    SUMMER BOOKING for Following Year
    If booking in the current summer for following summer, 1/2 of the deposit is due at the time of booking and is nonrefundable. The remaining 1/2 of the deposit is due the first week of January and will be taken automatically using the CC on file.
    The balance of the stay is due 30 days prior to your arrival date. The CC on file will be used to automatically process your payment unless we receive another form of payment (money order, check, different CC) prior to the 30th day. If you cancel your reservation prior to Jan. 1st you will receive 1/2 back. If you cancel after Jan. 1st (and you've paid the other 1/2) you will receive 25% back.
    Checks must be mailed to: Crider's On The Frio Attn: Juan Escamilla, 1201 N. Smith, Hebbronville, TX, 78361
  • What Extra Charges are there
    There will be an additional charge for any damages and for houses left in a condition that requires longer cleaning time than normal, such as pet hair, dirty dishes (especially if they are put back in the cabinet dirty!!), dirty mattress pads, etc..
    The deposit required to confirm your reservation is 50% of the total base rate for your stay before tax. Double check your dates! Late arrivals and early departures are charged for the entire reserved stay. If you cancel your entire reservation between 45 and 31 days prior to your check-in date, you will receive your deposit back minus 50%. If the aforementioned transaction is declined then we will contact you. It is each guest's responsibility to contact us to settle the balance of the reservation. If the reservation still has an outstanding balance 29 days prior to arrival, then the reservation will be canceled and any previous payments are non-refundable.
  • What are check in and check out times
    Check in time is 4:00 p.m.
    Check out time is 11:00 a.m.
  • What is the Pet Policy
    We expect people to treat our cabins with respect and how that relates to pets is this:
    There will be a $50 pet fee per pet
    You must bring extra covers to protect the beds, couches, chairs, etc... anything that you pet might be on
    You must pick up poop outside
    You must ensure your pet is not anuisance to any of the other guests
    You must sweep up / clean up hair prior to leaving
    If any of these steps are not followed there will be an additional $100.00 fee
  • When is High Season (Peak Rates)
    High Season begins the Friday before Memorial Day and ends after Labor Day Weekend.
  • What is provided in the cabin
    All of our cabins have heat and A/C, additionally each has fully a equipped kitchen, e.g., full size appliances, toaster, microwave, coffeemaker, pots, pans, flatware, dishware, cups, etc… We start you with a roll of toilet paper. Each bed has a mattress pad, pillows, and spread.
    We are not providing pillows or coverlets so you must bring those as well.
  • What do you need to bring
    Sheets for each bed. Blankets if needed. Towels for bath and river. Supplies for the W/D (Cabin's 10, 15) and dishwasher (Cabin's 10, 15, Buffalo and Pearly Creek).
    REMEMBER: Sheets, pillowcases and towels are NOT provided so check the bedding needed for your cabin so you have the right sheets. We suggest you may want to bring beach or old towels for the river.
  • What does one need to bring as far as cooking supplies
    You will need to bring your own food. A full service grocery store and supplies are available within 7 miles and a general store is located in the office on the property. Uvalde and Hondo are the nearest HEB and Wal-Mart.
  • Anything interesting about the Frio River
    The Frio River is totally spring fed and boast crystal clear waters year around.
  • How can I reserve a cabin
    Contact Ashley at (830) 232-5583 or E-mail Most holidays and summers the cabins are reserved well before the season begins, so get your reservation in early! We hope to see you soon!
  • Are there any other Miscellaneous Rules
    No tents or pop-up campers permitted
    No ATVs / off road motorcycles / rangers / etc.
    No Cascarones ( Confetti Eggs )
    All cars much check-in a the office and receive a car pass. Every car above the allowed cars will be $25.
    Quite time 11:00pm thru 8:00am
    Park in designated areas only - do NOT park in the grass
    Cabins 1-9 : 2 cars allowed at the cabin
    Cabins 10-14 : 3 cars allowed at the cabin
    Cabin 15 : 4 cars allowed at the cabin
    If you have more cars than what is allowed they will need to be left at the office or other management agreed upon location.
    Day guests: Day guests are not allowed. Any unapproved guests will be asked to leave the property. Please remember that you are only allowed 2 guests about what the max capacity of your cabin is. Those 2 guests are $35/day.
    There is a very small camp located in the middle of our cabins, please be mindful of where you are so as to not enter their property, e.g. You are in the country, fences are there for a reason.
    Note: As long as you are in the river you may move about freely.